Big maths adventure- pc cd-rom



Maths has never been so much fun! Take an unforgetable trip to Ice Island – home of White Bear and Little Penguin! They will take you through five easy-to-play games, centred around adding and subtracting. Youll discover entertaining number recognition games, animated maths activities and freeplay areas to help children have fun with maths. Bear and Penguin will turn maths into an exctiting adventure! Maths Comes to Life – Simple counting problems are brought to life using fun activities with incentives. Paint by Numbers – Children can colour in pictures by doing simple sums to find out the right colours to use. Take a Spin on the Maths Machine – This amazing machine uses moving balls to help children practise their sums. Printout Fun – Use number knowledge to print out birthday cards, door signs and party invites.

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